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Washing Machine E18 Error Code Fix Bosch Siemens Pump Filter blocked – AreaViral

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Washing Machine E18 Error Code Fix Bosch.
Bosch E18 Error Code Washing Machine.
Siemens E18 Error Code Washing Machine.
Bosch Pump Filter blocked.
Siemens Pump Filter blocked.
I started a washing cycle on the Bosch Washing machine and then mid cycle it stopped with Error Code E18. On this model it indicates the Bosch Pump Filter is blocked and the Bosch washing machine is not draining water properly.
In this video I will show you what I did to diagnose the E18 Washing Machine fault, all the steps I took, how to remove the Bosch Washing machine Pump Filter, remove the Bosch blockage and fix the problem. Hope this helps someone out there, this Bosch Washing Machine fault E18 error (Siemens Washing Machine fault E18 error) seems like a common problem, which is why you should check all pockets before starting a Washing machine cycle.
Hopefully the E18 Error is just a blockage and you haven’t damaged the pump. If you hear any Washing Machine strange noises around the pump filter then don’t wait for it to break, stop the cycle then clean out that washing machine filter as soon as you can. It will save you money and hassle.
How to clean Bosch Washing Machine Pump Filter ideally is an annual job if you can do that. The washing machine filter will get dirty anyway. If your washing machine isn’t draining then hopefully after watching this video it will be draining again and not blocked up anymore.
This was performed on the Bosch Serie 4 VarioPerfect Washing Machine although it should be the same procedure for Siemens E18 Washing Machine error code.

If the filter is Clear and you still have error E18 then check your drainage hose to make sure this isn’t blocked up in the hose or the U Bend.
Avoid having to call someone out and save MONEY by fixing it yourself.

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