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VRF | How to fault find error code 14 | error E131| Fujitsu – AreaViral

Uploaded by Bon Mj | 2021-07-15 18:15:14

Brand : Fujitsu VRF
model : AJY126LALBH (main CU)
model : AJY072LALBH (slave 1 CU)
Indoor unit not working x10 units, error code from central controller is (error 14),
Network communication error.
suspect error;
1) Outdoor unit Network communication 1 error.
2) Outdoor unit Network communication 2 error
3) Indoor unit Network communication error
4)The Number of indoor unit Shortage error
5) Outdoor unit Transmission PCB Parallel
communication error

Outdoor unit;
Main CU no incoming power supply.
Slave 1 CU error code (E131)
Communication error between outdoor units.

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#VRF #fault #find #error #code #error #E131 #Fujitsu – AreaViral

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