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Top Metaverse Mansions ⭐ NFTs【2022】

Do you want to know which are the 4 most incredible Metaverse mansions? These are the best Metaverse Mansions 2022. We show you what these meta mansions are like, who they belong to and why they are so desired in the Metaverse world.

Metaverse Mansions
Image: Magnavi Architect

Investors are also finding this idea modeled by Meta (Facebook) an investment opportunity. Everything indicates that it will be one of the great investment megatrends of the coming years. And this without yet being a fully formed market.

Metaverse Mansions

We travel to the ‘Metaverse’, that virtual place in which to live a unique experience and that each time seems to be getting closer. The mansions of the Metaverse, or the ‘Meta mansions‘ are the order of the day and they never cease to amaze us. Homes whose design escapes everything known and whose creators let their imagination run wild, achieving authentic wonders that today at AREAVIRAL, we will talk to you about in detail.

Metamansion Magnavi, by Veliz Architect

Veliz Architects is a studio that we have already talked about several times because its creations seem like fantasies from another world. And precisely from another world is this Metamansion that has fascinated us. It is not the first mansion in the Metaverse that this Cuban architect and his team have made dreamy NFTs like the house in the shape of a key that we have already shown you here.

Image: Veliz Architect

This one in particular, the Metamansion Magnavi is a project that adapts to several biomes, a well-defined contrast due to its shape, adapting to these spaces, weaving a structure that connects with nature. A true dream on the high seas that does not leave you indifferent.

Supervillain House in The Metaverse

The Supervillain is a house from the Metaverse inspired by the latest James Bond movie and Iron Man’s house. The architectural creation sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean. And, it follows the line of the mansions of the Metaverse, since we are facing an idea of ​​housing that escapes the usual and that invites you to dream.

Metaverse Mansion/Photo:Omar Hakim

Cavalli’s Metaverse Mansion

But not only intrepid architects are surrendered to the feet of the Metaverse, fashion brands also want to be present and the case of Cavalli is, at the moment, the most talked about.

Cavalli Mansion in metaverse / Photo: Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli’s newest collection was presented at the Cavalli Mansion, an immersive virtual destination that invites consumers to enter the brand’s parallel world. The mansion of the metaverse exhibits the brand’s latest lifestyle proposals and those who visit it will live a whole sensory experience.

The mansion in the real world that is sold in the Metaverse

The fever of the Metaverse mansions is such that there is already the case of a real house, which is also for sale in this coveted parallel universe. It is a luxurious property that does not lack detail located in Miami that is called ‘MetaReal’ and that also has a virtual version within the Metaverse of The SandBox, where properties and assets can be monetized.

Metaverse Mansion/Photo: MetaResidences

F.A.Q. Frecuently Asked Questions

How to invest in the metaverse?

Starting to position our portfolio in this “universe” that is to come is possible in different ways. The first, direct investment in companies that are part of the metaverse.
Companies like Nvidia will fuel the metaverse thanks to their graphics processing power. This firm is a benchmark in the creation of chips and semiconductors. For its part, Amazon will have much to contribute to the future of the metaverse from its powerful cloud service, Amazon Web Services. Disney is another of the companies that has announced that it will invest funds in developing its own version of this virtual reality with a focus on “metaverse of theme parks”. Roblox has created its particular metaverse and Nike is using the technology of this firm as a lever to develop Nikeland, a virtual world to exercise through a personalized avatar.

Who is in the metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual world that first Facebook and then Microsoft, Google, Apple or Nvidia have decided to commit to in recent months. The name change from Facebook to Meta makes clear the intentions of the technology company, which stated that it will mean “the next version of the internet”. Under that umbrella will be included Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram and other projects of the popular social network.

What the metaverse has to offer?

The metaverse may offer us the Internet’s next great evolutionary leap… or come to nothing because it fails. It’s still very early days, and companies like Facebook are only beginning to create the infrastructure and early concepts that lead to a future where there are devices capable of taking us there. Therefore, it is more of a concept, a blank canvas, than a reality that we can connect to today.

Maybe you are interested…

A virtual world, yet to be discovered and analyzed, it seems, will not cease to surprise us.

At we are interested in trends, we are fans of the world of NFTs and Metaverse, we like to inform about viral online games and everything related to the virtual world that comes in the future. We also want to inform you with tutorials about the best applications, software and utilities of the moment. If you want more information on any topic or want us to talk about something in particular, leave us your comments and we will respond.

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