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Pixelmon nft 🎮 Play-To-Earn Game

What is Pixelmon Game? If you haven’t yet got hooked on the Pixelmon nft game or don’t know what nft Pixelmon is, it won’t take 2 minutes to want to know more about this incredible world of Metaverse games. At we are going to explain what is the Pixelmon Game, how to play and why you should have nft Pixelmon. You have available this game based on blockchain play to win if you want to see it, we think you will like it!

pixelmon game
Pixelmon Game

Pixelmon is a Metaverse game based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. If you want to know how to play Pixelmon or where you can get an nft Pixelmon, read on to get the most information before you start to buy nft Pixelmon.

Pixelmon Game

What is the Pixelmon game? Pixelmon is touted as “the first AAA quality game in NFT space”. This is a playable open world role-playing game where all players buy NFT Pixelmon at a special price instead of catching it. However, because NFTs went on sale before the Pixelmon game was ready for launch, potential players and NFT buyers had to make a purchase decision based on concept art. Now Pixelmon buyers can see the actual Pixelmon they bought, and of course many are dissatisfied.

The game at first seems complicated but we are going to explain it to you and you will see how it is quite simple.

Pixelmon Game consists of a massive blockchain-based Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn and Learn-To-Earn game where players can be rewarded.

Pixelmon are creatures that come in all shapes and sizes, travelling with you through the virtual world of Eden! They can be caught in-game and be collected as NFT(s) to then be traded and sold.

How to play Pixelmon online

Pixelmon is a massive blockchain-based Play-To-Earn game where players can be rewarded with and/or own NFT-based assets.

The aim is to build a virtual metaverse where you can play with friends, battle and train Pixelmon, trade items, decorate your home and customise your virtual character; endless experiences await!

Pixelmon how to play:

To play Pixelmon game you must know about next list:

  • The Pixelmon creatures
  • Pixelmon Land
  • Early Access to Pixelmon Alpha

The Pixelmon creatures

Generation 1 Pixelmon are playable genesis collectibles that will only ever be available during our mint and cannot be caught in game. They can be caught in the game as NFT to be sold in future.

Pixelmon Land:

By holding a Generation 1 Pixelmon, you will gain exclusive access to an airdrop of Pixelmon land. Pixelmon land will be available in a variety of combinations from tents, rooms and shacks, to mansions, shops, and castles! Will you reserve a tent in the wilderness and face the forces of nature? Open up a shop in the town square to sell the items you created at the forge? The possibilities are endless! Release is estimated to be during Q2.

Early Access to Pixelmon Alpha

Pixelmon Generation 1 holders will also be eligible to participate in the Alpha Launch of the Pixelmon game. Your Gen 1 Pixelmon will act as a Level 2 Pixel Pass that will provide you not only with premier access to the alpha, but also to exclusive in-game items and events.

Examples to play Pixelmon

In the game of Pixelmon it is about capture creatures that you can collect as ntfs for when you decide to sell and trade. Each of these creatures is special and you decide if you want to sell it or not.

What will be Pixelmon Game Rewards?

According to the latest information, If you own a Generation 1 Pixelmon, you will receive various in-game rewards and items to customise your trainer, decorate your home. These items can only be obtained if you are holding a Pixelmon Generation 1 NFT at the time the items are released. Alongside, items can be bought, sold.

Will you have your own Pixelmon NFT token?

Yes, and the first availability will be through a launch pad on the website itself. Owning a Generation 1 Pixelmon will also give you exclusive access to an airdrop of our Pixelmon Token.

When will your Pixelmon NFTs be sold?

The platform reports that date launch for the token is Q2 of 2022. If you want be informed, continue reading.

pixelmon nft

NFT Pixelmon and sale details

Everything you need to know about the details of the sale:

Pixelmon is an open-world role-playing game that ended its first NFT pre-sale on February 7th and earned a whopping $ 70 million. They used a Dutch auction for pre-sale and had a starting price of 3 ETH per NFT.

nft Pixelmon

How to prepare for Pixelmon nft

The Pixelmon Generation 1 NFT is the centerpiece of the entire Pixelmon ecosystem and provides you with exclusive access to:

  • Pixelmon Land airdrops
  • Token airdrops
  • Increased in-game earning
  • Alpha game release
  • Limited in-game items and NFT airdrops
  • More to come

Here you can buy Pixelmon NFTs in OpenSea:

Pixelmon is an Open World RPG NFT game. Train, trade, fight & evolve your Pixelmon through the Metaverse!

UPDATE: There are a total of 10005.0 NFT minted by 5540.0 unique holders. Pixelmon is an open-world RPG that completed its first NFT pre-sale on February 7, uncovering a whopping $70 million in sales.


Because Pixelmon Universe is not publicly available, impressive ideas help to fund game development processes. During the Netherlands auction, the collector had the opportunity to be a my character NFT with the start price of ETH. When the team sells 7750 Pixelmon NFT during the Netherlands auction, the price was 0.1 eth every 10 minutes. It is important to take you to the Q2 2022 market to give exclusive exclusive access to advantages. Pixelmon NFT collectors will get pre-release Pixelmon land reserves by the end of the current quarter, early access to the game’s alpha release, and other perks yet to be announced.

In addition, Pixelmon NFT will be the main character in future multiplayer play-to-earning RPGs.

Future on Pixelmon game

The Pixelmon team aims to create the biggest, highest quality game the NFT space has ever seen. The platform will gradually evolve into a virtual metaverse where you can play with friends, battle and train characters, trade items, decorate your home, and customize your virtual avatar.

Projects of this magnitude typically take at least 2-3 years to go from concept to final product. The team initially planned to release the full game in the second quarter of 2023. However, with increased funding following the minting of NFTs, this process will speed up. According to the official website, the full game is expected to arrive a year early in Q3 2022, with an alpha release in June 2022.

Alternatives to Pixelmon Game – Other games play to earn

We are seeing a lot of nft-based games operating similar to Pixelmon game and the popularity of this type of game is increasing more and more. Some developers take advantage of this success to launch applications and provide us with alternatives to spend our free time simply using our browser. Play to Earn is a gaming system that allows people to participate in various gaming platforms and generate rewards in cryptocurrencies, in addition to generating value through NFT tokens.

We leave you some alternatives to play play to earn games:

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the Pixelmon game?

pixelmon game

Pixelmon is a game that consists of build a virtual metaverse where you can play with friends, battle and train Pixelmon, trade items, decorate your home and customise your virtual character.
It is a massive blockchain-based Play-To-Earn game where players can be rewarded with and/or own NFT-based assets.

How to play Pixelmon Game?

The purpose of the game is to manage, battle and train Pixelmon creatures, trade items, decorate your home and customise your virtual character.

What is the objective of the game Pixelmon?

The goal of Pixelmon Game is to generate as much wealth as possible. The dates of the public land sales that you will be able to purchase in-game at this time are not yet known. The first public land sale will be broadcast loud and clear on in-game social media.

Who is the owner of Pixelmon Game?

Pixelmon, the popular new game is owned by MAGIC MEDIA STUDIOS that is an international gaming and entertainment group.

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