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How to Fix Java Error – class, interface, or enum expected – Error in Java | Java Tutorial – AreaViral

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Check out for more tutorials and projects Learn how to fix the java error “class interface or enum expected” in Java Content 00:00 – Introduction 00:44 – What does Java Error Class or Interface Expected means 02:05 – How To Fix – Example #1 02:44 – How To Fix – Example #2 03:38 – How To Fix – Example #3 04:37 – How To Fix – Example #3 See all details: Want to become a software developer? Check out my blog for more tips and guidance: Blog: Facebook: My 100% Recommended python books: – Head First Java: – Python Crash Course (2nd Edition): – Effective Python: 90 Specific Ways to Write Better Python: – Effective Java: – Clean Code: Hope you enjoy the video and Happy coding! 🙂 #Fix #Java #Error #class #interface #enum #expected #Error #Java #Java #Tutorial – AreaViral

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