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How to Fix 4C or 4E Error on your Samsung Washing Machine – AreaViral

Uploaded by Ian’s Gadget | 2021-09-21 05:52:47
In this video, I’m sharing my experience on how to fix 4C error on the Samsung Front Load Washing Machine. The 4C or 4E error code is common in Samsung Front Load Washing Machine. It is an indication that your washer has detected an issue with the water supply. This could be as a result of a blocked, bent or kinked water hose. It could also be that the water does not have enough pressure. #howtofix4cerrorinsamsungwashingmachine #fixsamsungwashingmachine #4EError Help support this channel by LIKING and SHARING this Video. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to this channel, Lets grow this channel together! Important links: How to plumb a new washing machine: Learn how to fix Samsung Error codes 1. How to fix SUD error code: 2. How to clear 5C error code: 3. How to clear DC error code: #4cerrorfix #4eerrorfix #samsung4cerrorfix #4cerrorcode Learn how to bypass censorship and browse anonymously Thank you! #Fix #Error #Samsung #Washing #Machine – AreaViral

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