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Guide to fix U12 error code for Panasonic Washer (Model: NA-F75S3) – AreaViral

Uploaded by DIY YANG | 2022-11-27 16:14:50
Only try after your warranty have expired, otherwise any tampering might void it. This is same washing machine that I help to fix on Jan 2022 video (. Previously, it was the solenoid valve issue. This time is U12 error code and likely the door lid safety switch issue. There is U12 error code appearing in the washer and it will not proceed with washing. Most of the time is the rust in between the 2 metal strip causing it to detect that the door is not closed. Resulting it to have U12 error code. This solution might not fix all U12 error code, hope anyone that have same error code to share their stories to hope help everyone learn. I am not trained in handyman have no professional training. Just like read books and try to repair based on personal interest. DO IT YOURSELF to save money and save the earth (otherwise the whole washer will be in the dumpster). Remember to unplug power source when handling any machines Disclaimer: I am not trained in any handyman or electrical work, please do it at your own risk. Hope you guys can subscribe to my channel and give me some love and support If there is any experience handyman or repairman watching my video, Do comment on the things where I can improve on to help me hone up my skills Most of the video is my first time doing the project. I would share what I have experience and video record along the way. It might not be the correct way. Do give advise and I will keep learning and improve. Hope my sharing save you some money and provide you with some free knowledge. Like & subscribe my channel to support my small YouTube channel. #Guide #fix #U12 #error #code #Panasonic #Washer #Model #NAF75S3 – AreaViral

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