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Fixing Frigidaire Dehumidifier – Error Code F0 (How to easy DIY) – AreaViral

Uploaded by MegaSafetyFirst | 2020-05-28 21:30:06

This video shows how to easily fix a Frigidaire Dehumidifier, which stopped working and shows the Error Code “F0” in the small display.
All tools that are needed for the repair is a Phillips screwdriver and an old sponge with an abrasive side.
Do not forget to remove the power cord from the power source!!
After opening the back cover, we find a couple of copper tubing on the right side of the dehumidifier. There a small black wire going to one of these tubes. At the end of the wire is a sensor, which is pushed inside of a copper tube. Pull out this sensor and rub it a little bit with the sponge until the copper is shiny again. Replace the sensor to its original position.
After reassembling the dehumidifier it is normal again.

Also consider to clean the inside of the copper tube, into which the sensor is inserted into.
Please keep in mind, that this fix does not cover all of the possible defects, which lead to the F0 error code! In case the copper coils do not get cold than this may be a different and way more severe issue.

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