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Cornucopias Game NFT

What is Cornucopias Game? If you haven’t yet got hooked on the cornucopias nft game or don’t know what nft cornucopias is, it won’t take 2 minutes to want to know more about this incredible world of Metaverse games. what is the Cornucopias Game, how to play and why you should have nft cornucopias. You have available this game based on blockchain play to win if you want to see it, we think you will like it!

Cornucopias Game
Cornucopias Game

Cornucopias is a Metaverse game based on the Cardano cryptocurrency. If you want to know how to play cornucopias or where you can get an nft cornucopias, read on to get the most information before you start to buy nft cornucopias.

Cornucopias ‘The Island’

What is the Cornucopias game? The game at first seems complicated but we are going to explain it to you and you will see how it is quite simple.

Cornucopias ‘The Island’ consists of a massive blockchain-based Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn and Learn-To-Earn game where players can be rewarded with and/or own land, property and other NFT-based assets with the real world. Appreciate everything by playing games in a fun and safe metaverse.

‘The Island’ is divided into a number of themed zones, such as ‘Wild⋆West’ zone, ‘Farm Life’ zone, ‘Age of The Samurai’ zone, etc., where people of all ages they can play a series of mini-games, getting lost in the play-to-win ecosystem where they can gain real-world value as they explore and build in our safe and secure world.

More creative players can design their own items, such as coffee tables, beds, and other home furnishings, which can then be minted into an “island blueprint” that other players can buy, gather the materials, and then create a brand in the game. Once created, the crafter can play with the items in their virtual home or sell them to other players to enjoy or sell again.

How to play Cornucopias online

Cornucopia, The Island, is a massive blockchain-based Play-To-Earn game where players can be rewarded with and/or own NFT-based assets.

cornucopias how to play:

  • The Island combines gaming with real-world commerce and provides opportunities for traditional and e-commerce businesses to sell and promote their real-world brands, goods, and services to a hard-to-reach audience. that they have potentially never had access to before.
  • Available worldwide, ‘The Island’ is based on the Unreal 5 game engine, which is compatible with PCs, mobile phones, game consoles and smart TVs , and will be forever powered, governed, and evolved by a growing number of communities including blockchain, Unreal Game Developers, Voxel, 3D Artists and Modellers, and general game enthusiasts.
  • The creators and Players will discover a new form of monetary economy where they can create and trade their own NFTs in-game or on third-party marketplaces, and their purchased game assets will no longer be trapped within a single game again.

Examples to play Cornucopias

In the game of cornucopias it is about creating entire economies based on the zones in which the earth is located. For example, in “Farm Life”, you can lease your land to farmers or farm it yourself, earning resources by trading your commodities.

What will be the total units of land for sale?

According to the latest information, it will start with 600 plots per zone and as the game progresses we believe that it can be expanded.

Will you have your own Cornucopias NFT token?

Yes, and the first availability will be through a launch pad on the website itself. Currently, they have not yet decided which launch platform they will go with, but they are determining the timeline for the optimal release date.

When will your cornucopia NFTs be sold?

The platform reports that you may be selling NFTs by November 2022.

cornucopias nft

NFT Cornucopias and sale details

Everything you need to know about the details of the sale.:

  • Sale price: 120 ADA
  • Quantity: 11,900
  • Chain: Cardano
  • Date: February 25, 2022
  • Type of NFT: playable in-game playable
cornucopias game
nft cornucopias

How to prepare for Cornucopias nft

The first Cornucopia NFT sale will be easy and straightforward. You will need a wallet that is compliant with enough ADA to cover your purchase and transaction fees.

Mobile wallets are not supported for this sale, so make sure you use a desktop browser with a wallet extension. Also, please do not use your wallet for any transactions for at least one hour before the Bubblejett Sprinter NFT sale.

UPDATE: The first sale of nfts cornucopias has been a success and all the NFTs have been sold on the same day of the launch, have you been one of the lucky ones to get an nft cornucopias? Comment it in the comments and tell us how the experience has been

Alternatives to Cornucopias Game – Other games play to earn

We are seeing a lot of nft-based games operating similar to Cornucopias game and the popularity of this type of game is increasing more and more. Some developers take advantage of this success to launch applications and provide us with alternatives to spend our free time simply using our browser. Play to Earn is a gaming system that allows people to participate in various gaming platforms and generate rewards in cryptocurrencies, in addition to generating value through NFT tokens.

We leave you some alternatives to play play to earn games:

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the game Cornucopias?


Cornucopia is a game that consists of getting properties, land or assets on a virtual island created for multiple players. Cornucopia, The Island, is a massive blockchain-based Play-To-Earn game where players can be rewarded with and/or own NFT-based assets.

How to play Cornucopias Game?

The purpose of the game is to manage entire economies based on the zones in which the land is located. For example, in “Farm Life”, you can lease your land to farmers or farm it yourself, earning resources by trading your produce.

What is the objective of the game Cornucopias?

The goal of Cornucopias Game is to generate as much wealth as possible. The dates of the public land sales that you will be able to purchase in-game at this time are not yet known. The first public land sale will be broadcast loud and clear on in-game social media.

Who is the owner of Cornucopias?

Cornucopias, the popular new game is owned by co-founders Robert Greig, Josh Jones, Geoff Hewett, Ant Renicks.

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