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Alien Awakening

The Alien film saga is classified as science fiction and horror. It tells the story of Lieutenant Ripley and her constant struggle against alien life forms. This series of films began in the 80s, exactly in 1979 with the film the eighth passenger. Since then several movies have been produced, as have numerous comics, books, and video games.

Alien Awakering

New alien movie

Ridley Scott wants to keep making more alien movies, he brought it back to life in the 70’s and made it into a movie. Successful monsters have changed genres forever. The director stated that there was still one more chapter of the film to fully contextualize the aliens.

Alien Huevos Capullos

Alien Awaken, or the Awakening of Alien is the long-awaited film that will allow the pieces of the puzzle of the Nostromo ship to be put together. This ship appears in the first film full of eggs. It is a tug cargo ship, with a length of about 250 meters in which Ripley’s crew was going.

When is Alien Awakening released?

The film may be released during 2025. It should be noted that in the summer of 2020 Scott made it clear that the foundations were underway. In general, he showed concern for continuing to explore the origin of Alien. How that creature had been created and why it travels in a warship full of all those eggs that appeared in the first film. It is interesting to know what purpose this vehicle has, for what and where it comes from.

Frequently Asked Questions Aliens

Aliens film series

Alien, the eighth passenger. Presented in 1979. Set in the year 2122.
Aliens: The return. Released in 1986. Set in the year 2179.
Alien 3. Presented in 1992. Set in the year 2179.
Alien: Resurrection. Released in 1997. Set in the year 2379.
Prometheus. Released in 2012. It is set in the year 2093.
Alien: Covenant. Released in the year 2017. Set in the year 2104.

What genre does Aliens belong to?

The film genre to which the Alien movie belongs is science fiction and horror.

Who is the director of director of Alien Awakening?

Film director Ridley Scott will be in charge of directing Alien Awakening as has happened with the rest of the films.

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